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This company all came from a dream, a dream for a difference in the industry of commercial subcontracting. Roger Sabio, Owner, and President of H&S came from humble beginnings as a field worker picking up jobs where ever he could in the construction industry. His educational background comes from software engineering, a field he loved as a child, but as he came into the field, he began to find a deep passion for commercial construction. His first position, when he came into the field, was nothing more than a cleanup crew member who would dispose of drywall debris and clean other parts of the job site. At the time only earning a wage of eight dollars an hour. It was after five years of dedication to his employers and his work that Roger saw a critical issue with the industry he was in. He was disturbed by the fact that no matter who he worked for or where he went, there was an extreme lack of commitment and efficiency between a subcontractor and their general contractors.


He began to think how great a subcontractor could be if they were to hold to such standards and because of this, he saw opportunities where others saw conformity. It would be after this moment that Roger along with his wife Silvia and Father Juan, a talented man with 20 years of various experience in framing and drywall, would begin paving the path to unseen opportunity. Endless days and long nights would be the reward of each day, most weeks being 80 hours+ of work. Having to work and take care of a family all while dedicating themselves to this dream, trusting in God every step of the way for providence and protection. It would be after 2 years of non-stop working that finally, the business would start taking off in a way they always hoped for. What Roger had hoped for became reality and the difference he desired to make was now established. Strong relationships with general contractors built upon trust and God-centered morals would lead H&S to be a new mover in the framing and drywall business. With the help of God, their dedication to the process, and all the dedicated workers who stood by H&S, it would go from being a company being run from a trailer to perform in mayor projects through the country. “I saw the lack of efficiency and commitment in subcontractors when I was a worker and saw the opportunity to become the guy every general contractor could trust in.” – Roger D. Sabio

H&S Building Solutions is a certified building contractor based in Florida. We are known for our work quality, communication, and dedication. We are humbled to serve and satisfy all our amazing clients who make this all possible.

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