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We’ve worked on projects from all ranges, all the way from small to HUGE projects. At H&S we’ll always make sure to deliver the quality that is promised and presented. We have an in depth understanding with all aspects including design through site prep work until finishing touches are given leaving no detail out in order make sure everything runs smoothly.

Cold formed interior and exterior metal framing, metal trusses, suspended gypsum systems.

Batt Insulation, Mineral Wool, Foam Insulation and SAFB.

Interior and exterior sheathing gypsum systems.

All gypsum finishes from fire tape to Level 5.

All textures of your choice, Knockdown, orange peel or any other of your taste.

Any kind of acoustic ceilings, clouds, waves and other specialty ceilings.

From top and bottom of walls, to all penetrations, special systems for edge of slab and others.

Expert crews with deep knowledge installing all types of siding, Cementitious, Nichiha, wood siding and many others.

Installation of all wall coverings such as FRP, NRP and Stainless Steel.

H&S Building Solutions is a certified building contractor based in Florida. We are known for our work quality, communication, and dedication. We are humbled to serve and satisfy all our amazing clients who make this all possible.

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